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Market Egyptian

July 11, 2016


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I should know as a buyer or investor the real estate market in Egypt is stable despite the ongoing crisis in Europe – and many Europeans do not believe that. Why this is but yet so you can learn at a glance behind the scenes of the financial market. Once except financially strong companies and smaller companies be taken little credit. Thus, the Egyptian financial market is significantly less than for example the European, but also not nearly as vulnerable. Longer losing streaks are better weathered, because most owners of loans have been strained. Of course the failed currency current has had impact on this country, but this could be compensated better. The euro at the end of the year stood about 8:1 against the Egyptian pound hitting only with approximately 7.4 to beech.

The dropout purchasing power of Europe temporarily resulted in reduced sales, which were however quite soon absorbed by niedrigpreisigere real estate. The trend is clearly at the moment to the apartment on the beach of the Red Sea at prices 30,000-40,000 USD for 1-2 room apartments. The discounts are less than rather extras such as free furniture packages and air conditioners, which the builders now increasingly want to lure European customers. Even before the financial crisis, partial payments, partly on the completion, were offered. Trying this now to accelerate small to middle income increased as customers to win with buyer groups. Conclusion remains as: the Egyptian real estate market offers in addition to the tax appeal an immense potential for investors and individuals for the investment – not just because of his 365 days of Sun. Joachim Kipka