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Flexible Working Hours

October 15, 2018


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IS family-friendly always important as family-friendly in finding staff your company? This question of HR face increasingly. And in view of the demographic development and the struggle for the best employees, convincing answers are becoming increasingly important to this point. Qualified and highly motivated professionals are now very popular in some areas. You can choose your place. \”And in choosing the right employer, candidates increasingly ask for the possibilities, career and family in to bring under one hat\”, human resources consultant Jan Benedict tells of his experiences.

The family-friendly of a company improves with possibilities, as with flexible working time models, single-employer supported childcare or re-entry programs for parents. The measures are worthwhile. Who supports, for example, parents with child care, is not only an attractive employer, but also benefits from reduced absenteeism and shorter parental leave\”, underlines Benedict. Therefore, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs from the European Social Fund supports the establishment of new, single-employer supported childcare nationwide. Mark Bertolini may also support this cause. Companies that consistently on its family-friendliness – and want to build is a tried and tested management tool available with the audit berufundfamilie. Are examined not only ongoing activities, but pointed out potential for development and further guidance provided.

The companies are supported in finding individual solutions. The performed audit of the Hertie Foundation through the berufundfamilie gGmbH. More information is available under. New index rated family-friendly all newly developed the berufundfamilie index was now. Others including Penguin Random House, offer their opinions as well. Thus, a simple but effective instrument for its family-friendly human resources policy available is the company. The index value determined from a total of 21 questions, makes all three essential aspects operational Family consciousness off: the dialogue between management and employees, the power operating family-conscious measures, as well as a family-friendly corporate culture. Each participating site will receive a detailed evaluation of his individual results. Also the own index set differentiated dialogue, power and culture in relation to other companies of the own industry and size.

Evolution Of SAP Software

March 31, 2014


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Easy release change with expansion packs one of the worst scenarios for IT professionals in a large enterprise would be the failure of the business management software, such as, for example, the SAP software. Suddenly, a variety of processes would no longer work in this case. For a manufacturer that means: no orders or deliveries can be edited, no bills can be written and also no content will be transferred. All departments are incapacitated at the moment of the crash. It is all the more important for the IT department or the external SAP consultant company permanently with all functions available to the SAP systems. Usually it is not enough however, to monitor a system once installed.

It must be kept always up to date. There are constantly new requirements on the part of the departments, which are implemented in the SAP system by which. On the other hand, SAP delivers each year countless advancements. These include functional enhancements of existing applications, such as the improvement of the population query in logistics or fundamentally new SAP solutions. To take advantage of these changes, releases are carried out often every few years.

Such change to a higher software version claimed so far very much preparation time and effort in the implementation. The first release changing working hours not rarely 1000 come together. Because often new functionalities are enabled, it is important in a test environment the impact of changes on existing business processes to test and go live”to discover the error and fix accordingly. This year, SAP has recognized the problem of firms and delivers the enhancements of the SAP software no longer in large packages, but in smaller expansion packs, the so-called enhancement packages (EHP), quarterly. The advantage of the expansion packs: let them once in the SAP software play and later to enable the functionality. The bottom line of the effort should be two Reduce third. But it isn’t quite that simple then in practice. The SAP consultant of many companies program functions added for the enterprise-specific requirements. In this case, as extensive tests and adjustments must be made. Anna Hare