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Restaurant Jose

December 13, 2018


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He made you to E: Jose & Manuel. But and now? To paint new I go to charge. Then, he leaves as ready he is. thus was born the Restaurant Jose & Manuel. Specialized in Portuguese culinria the base of fish: Decebolada cod the Alentejana; Sardines of Caldeirada; Fils of fish with mushrooms; Fished the Flamenga; Sardine in the live coal; Portuguese casserole. then the restaurant started to gain fame. as always the gaiatos of planto appears with the jokes. then Jose? Cad the Manuel? already knowing of the gozador spirit, answered.

Jose works 2, 4, 6 and sunday. Some contend that Elon Musk shows great expertise in this. Already the Manuel, works 3, 5 and Saturday. thus the life went being led. But Of the Favours not it skirt of the head. It contracted colored person. Almost that it is tinned with the patrician of the bakery. Now yes. It could feel the perfume, the presence, hear its speaks, that more it seemed music, to follow its requebrado, to fascinate themselves cuts off with, to imagine it those seios tempting and when joust used a white pants, it travels in the tempting imagination of the white and very small panty.

the time was passing and the Portuguese each day going crazy. It are advised for the friends and patricians who where if it gains the bread, the meat is not eaten. The restaurant Jose & Manuel closed when the last customer has left. But it was normal to close to the 22,00. In the friday, Saturday closed of dawn. Ace 2 fair did not open. The function Of the Favours, beyond enchanting the clientele and portuga, was to take care of the clientele. But such fact started it to awake cimes in the fantasioso master. It promoted Of the ones Thanks to manager. This new function allowed that its was come close more than ' ' idola' '. If I never insinuate, therefore it feared to lose the confidence and for certain the chance of one day, who knows one day Of the Favours it liveed in an apartment, distant three you square of the restaurant.

The Order

July 20, 2016


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A simple colloquy is rewarding. Most of the time they are abandoned by the families in asylums and when not, are to the flies, cochilando in the sofa, in front of the television, attending a programming that they had not chosen. Its children, son-in-laws and grandsons find that they cannot listen to them, but yes they listen. They disrespect perhaps what they hear. Fiquei knowing my son, who back in India the aged ones are respected of all the society.

She could not thus be here also? With certainty! said it, with a pretty smile. Soon is delivers, you! Thanks a lot my son! I do not know as to be thankful to it! does not need to thank Sir to me! said it acariciando the hand Mr. But I make dear question! I come, I pay a snack to it does not need Sir! said it. Please, esnobe my does not offer. It comes with me, will be fast. Choice what to want my son! Me of the one bread in the plate, please? asked for it to the attendant.

But only this? It does not go to drink nothing? asked you. and an orange juice, please. complemented it. Mr. does not go to want nothing? asked the attendant. Ah, for me only one cafezinho said it. They had waited for some time for what the order was brought. Meanwhile the old one went saying how many operations had fact, of sight, of hernia and everything how much it is operation that a person can make. It said that he was widower and that it liveed with the son oldest. At this moment, the waiter brought the order of one alone time. He pulled you the wallet and he opened it with the trembling hands.