The Consumer

August 7, 2016


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Shapewear for women with Korperbewussstsein stimulates the lingerie industry: panties, bras and bodies. To get more embroidery, more tips and new colors and glitter and Mica often in combination with black. But especially for the everyday needs of the price market will remain remain strong. Only the big business forms of the food retail trade and the textile discounter serve these needs at the trade level. Priced about positioning themselves Tchibo, Strauss & co.

The so-called new Center occupy the large chain stores and labels of the clothing market. The lingerie brand manufacturers push continued with its own shops in the market, making the verticalization progress progresses. Also the present linen retail, which is more stable than expected and (co -) determines the quality range up to date strong benefits from it. At the same time the Internet to a significant market size grows. In the laundry and clothing retailers currently obtained 38 percent of sales. There is something marred the very positive image of Laundry and knitting industry however by a veritable explosion of prices textile raw materials and preliminary products. In particular in the area of cotton yarn prices international almost doubled within a few months. Higher production costs in Asia, as well as increases in the transport are responsible for this.

So the majority of manufacturers comes from rising prices. Since the necessary cost-cutting measures have been exhausted the savings in recent years, significant increases of in sales prices can be expected. In the industry sectors laundry “IBH not only the commodity groups are subjected to laundering, Corsetry, bathing suits and stockings of a detailed analysis, but created a long-term forecast of the main distribution channels by the manufacturer to the consumer. Former marketing employee of Dr. Vossen at the BBE as a designated team of authors cooperate with IBH. The footprint of the press release is free of charge.