The Fretico

November 12, 2012


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The agrotxicos are substantiate chemical used in excess have asked for to farming contaminating the plants, the ground and the underground reserves of water, and the destruction of the ciliar bush it facilitates the draining of the water of the rain of these fields contaminated for the riverbeds. 3. Contamination of waters for agrotxicos agriculture in our country has one strong dependence of the use of agrotxicos, in which these have the purpose to control harmful plagues, illnesses and plants, guaranteeing raised platforms more of productivity and, consequently, greater economic return of the agricultural activity. However, the agrotxicos can highly be toxic to the diverse organisms not-target, including the human beings, mainly when these reach the freticos springs of the rivers and sheets, therefore of this form they had arrived at the contact with the man of faster and quiet form. Studies show that the agrotxicos applied directly in the plants or the ground have as final destination the ground, being washed of leves through the action of the rain or the water of irrigation, the agrotxicos had arrived at the ground, infiltrating until the layers deepest reaching the fretico sheet. Being this type of transport of the agrotxicos called of leaching.

Another important type of transport occurs when this occurs together in the surface of the ground with the water of torrents, being called of superficial draining. For occurring of very easy form the transport of these agrotxicos, such product already became 2 bigger cause of contamination of the water in the country. No matter how hard the water is one of the resources with bigger availability in the world, a great necessity exists to guarantee its quality for the current and future generations. Unhappyly, agriculture can have negative influence in the quality of the hdricos resources. This negative influence occurs, mainly, due to extreme use of the agrotxicos and without the adjusted cares, that is, in the reality the agriculturists many times do not possess no information of the cares of as to use these products.