The Moment

March 11, 2014


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It is time again to join, fly and dream again. Comes out of love and to love going, dreaming of love and love will receive, enjoy with your gift, returns to the sky with the bird, melt you with her and re-created, dreams and creates, the gift you have to explore to the fullest and enjoy the moment because dreaming is nice but only is future, dreams and creates the present and you’ll see how wonderful that is. Enjoy the moment, shines with your weapon, explores the day and night, loves with depth. Your gifts, your weapons, you have been given, practice with them that you need them. Do not look to the past and the pain, look for front, join your brothers and not pairs, not even your momentum, do not give passage to others, we we accompany you, I accompany, trusts and face fate. Loneliness on the road, but just, we are with you, enjoy the moment and how you prepare.

We are proud to see what you’re doing and feel love for you. Your destiny is marked, gives a step forward and follow him, follow the path that leads to love, and love you will be again. Raise your voice with your brothers and that is heard in all places and see that one voice will be: the voice of love, the voice of Justice and of happiness. Beings that you habitais Gaia are ready for your destination, making thus: give love, give the heart and heart shall receive, love will receive. The power of light is the love of unity and we do not flaquearemos to come to help you and so we’ll be together. The light is force, the brotherhood between beings and we can approach one another without fear, without suspicion, without the ego that hinder our natural union and that puts us barriers.