The National Secretariat

May 30, 2021


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The reason? Lack of staff prepared in City halls for fulfilling of the requested burocracias. Prudential has much to offer in this field. Clearly that the government cannot liberate resources without the due control, but the situation is still more serious when we say of the Region North and Northeast, where, clear deficiency in the administrative management of many city halls exists, due to training of the employees who work there. The solution: the federal government must create a central office of emergencial attendance, where each City hall in situation of public calamity can request aid at emergency moments, usufructing of trained professionals who work in this secretariat, professionals and chemical preparations for situation. To concentrate acquisitions in system of purchases on-line, with adjusted logistic destination in real time, for such, the private initiative has resources for the attendance, liberating of licitations, but using electronic proclamations on-line, but this secretariat needs to be agile, for in such a way, needs highly qualified professionals for emergenciais atendimentos. The Ministry of the Cities, agency very respected, needs to create mechanisms of emergencial development, beyond creating alternatives to the refugee of the national climate and until the International, therefore, this is a world-wide phenomenon. To extend the incentives to the Brazilian scientists for the development of studies of the current ambient impacts, as well as, in the brainstorming of short, medium and long run, to diminish the effect of the climate on the population. Some developed research exists being, however, they lack financial resources.

No Brazilian wants to live deeply the drama of these families who had lost everything, since clothes, housing and job temporarily. The National Secretariat of Civil Defense is integrated to the Ministry of the National Integration, but given excellent on the cities they are in the Ministry of the Cities, therefore, the integration of data between these ministries is important. The necessary Brazilian people to learn to think about the Environment, as an agent who is moving in virtue of the actions of the Man on the Planet. He competes to each one of us, to think about as to face this challenge, that does not choose social classrooms or level of education, a new order of awareness of our paper as planetary citizen for survival and subsistence of the MAN. .