The Supercomputer

July 21, 2015


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Also this supercomputer make to think could me or to feel that I am now writing these lines on the impossibility to be a brain in a Cuba. It is clearly that the problem of the relation mind-world treated in this text is not a problem of easy resolution, because, by the way, she is not this the proposal, however this is the object of primordial study of the philosophy of the mind and to think a brain about a dissociado Cuba of a body is with certainty a theory that creates more difficulties of what the proper one disciplines if considers to decide. Still to this it could add the fact of that it was not only my brain that was in Cuba and yes this was a collective hallucination and that we would really be in a tank, better saying, only the brains without bodies receiving stimulatons from a supercomputer. as if this were of little account thing to take the idea to the extremity to infer that we are not only a brain in a Cuba as all the sencientes beings that our brains know as existing they were fruits also of electric stimulatons produced by the supercomputer. It would be as to affirm that it does not exist beyond what my mind obtains to conceive, in other words, it only has existence what to think me to the supercomputer or to feel that exists. But it remains to ask, as Putnam, if in the case of that this was really truth, that we are a brain in a Cuba, would be possible that now we would be reflecting on the fact of that we are a brain in a Cuba? Putnam approaches its problem for the bias of a relation mind-world and for the fact of the brains in a Cuba to be unprovided of bodies, is clearly that of guarded form it has the idea of the relation mind-body.