The Worker

December 11, 2013


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For Rasp (2007), the concern with the quality that it induces to the increase of the participation of the worker in the productive process is a justification so that this exactly is of its environment of work exclusively carried to the personal life the idea from efficiency, canalizing the quarrel for the conquest and overcoming of objective measurable goals (RASP, 2007). The funcionalista-mechanist-comportamentalista paradigm predominantly in the organizations, to give account of ' ' factor-humano' ' that it appears as an important 0 variable of the process opens ticket for another one, transforming, that not more ' ' objetaliza' ' the man as ' ' recurso' ' (LOSICER 1995, apud DAVEL, 1995). However, it is important to stand out that the new model of management for quality also brings new forms of alienation, submission and psychic suffering of the worker, being that these factors are tied with the employment stability, that is, the worker has fear of the unemployment, being this, consequncia of one ' ' no-adaptao' ' ace changes provoked by the model. Moreover, it has the precarizao of the work, conditions unprovided of rights and transformation of the subjectivity of the worker in object, that are characteristic of the process of resultant terceirizao of the insertion of new technologies, reduction of costs and the proper system of total quality. Humanizar the work relations narrowly is related to the respect and valuation of the dignity human being who is intrinsic to the human being (COAST, 2004). In such a way, the organizations open space why they depend on the people so that the total quality happens. All the procedures are only carried through executed if the employee to internalizar and if to compromise to model philosophy. This results in a management that has as objective the welfare of the worker to the organizacional effectiveness, and ahead opens space for more expressive and strategical performance of the psychologist of the relations of being able and the meaning of them for the citizen-worker.