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May 21, 2018


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The example cited for the interviewed one was to the force exerted for the suppliers, that can be reflected of the force exerted for the purchasers. That is, to increase the product quality, Mrs. Ctia it gives the knowledge and it convinces the cooperated ones to have new you practise improving the production, creating a more competitive position. The forces exerted on the cooperative influence the actions to be taken. To to analyze the reply of the manager, perceives that the ample vision of external environments is exerted to try to mediate the interaction of the competitive forces.

Inside of the theoretical concepts of Mintzberg, it is possible that Mrs. Ctia uses the strategy as position, thus, strategy as position ' ' it becomes the force of mediation between the organization and the environment, that is, between the contexts internal and externo' ' (MINTZBERG et al 2006), it assumes the position of the organization in the environment where she is inserted. Another characteristic of the definition of the interviewed one is the inexistence of a plan. With this, to the measure that the competitive forces exert pressure, the actions are taken with objective to defend or to gain a position. In such a way, he is possible that the strategy is exerted as a behavior standard, characterizing an emergent strategy. The second done question was ' ' What it is innovation for you? ' '. When answering, Mrs. Ctia affirms that to innovate it is the capacity of transformation of something through new ideas.

The manager affirms that, normally the new ideas appears in difficulty contexts, and that an idea to be good has that to be useful and applicable, and the search of always being better is necessary in a competitive environment. Innovation is you to transform what you already have, to the times you has the ways, but if not to appear a new idea, then it does not go. I find that you are important to have this capacity of transformation. The necessary idea to be simple, cheap and to decide the problem. To the times you have the house tools inside, you are lacking to think a little. I find that to the times you are not good for having the very easy solutions, I understood. I speak until when I already passed for a very difficult situation. … When everything seems without solution you are in the greater you suffocate then you you start to have idea. That is, it seems that the ideas you have that he is half that on pressure. I when I am on pressure think better. … Then is thus, a thing pulls to another one. You have that to look for always to improve, but when you work with little structure you you obtain to improve fast. A thing is certain or you it folloies the rhythm of the work or goes to be pr

English Language

October 8, 2016


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Therefore, the professionals of the logistic International cannot run away to this reality and need to have this differential? the English is prerequisite in this area? since they are them intermediadores of all the process, that starts, many times, before the embarkment of the product of the supplier and alone it is finished when it delivers to the customer. The problems of research of this study are, therefore, to know who they are involved in the process of the logistic International and which the importance of the English language for these professionals? To answer to these questionings, the inquiry has as objective generality to verify the importance and the necessity of the English language for the professional of the Logistic International to develop its activities. The first specific objective is to verify if the professionals of the logistic International are using the English language in its professional scope, as well as if really the English language for this area of performance is necessary. The importance to know who is the involved ones in the process of the logistic International will bring the true reality of the abilities that the professional must develop in its area of performance, mensurando which is the real importance of the English language in its professional environment. 1. THEORETICAL RECITAL the 1. 1 English language in the market of international work In the theoretical referencial, searchs to bring the importance of the knowledge of the English language, the concept of logistic, the logistic International and the agreement of the activities of these professionals of the area, its functions and attributions, using itself of the English language. Rock (2001) defines the learning of the English as an opening of doors for the personal development, the cultural e, most important, the professional. The market currently is considering, as requisite basic, in the hour of act of contract of a collaborator, the domain for the English.

Mosseiro One

October 2, 2016


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* Gift in the Matrix of the company in Recife. 3.2. Quality and results of the services With a vision focada in the quality of the offered services, the searched company reveals efficient and efficient, therefore she always executes its works worried about the process to make well and correctly, without forgetting them and results objective.

In accordance with Chiavenato (2003, p.19): ‘ ‘ The administration of the organizations in order to reach efficiency and effectiveness, becomes one of the tasks most difficult and complexas’ ‘. adds: ‘ ‘ The pragmatic emphasis in the techniques and ‘ ‘ as to make coisas’ ‘ , with the use of formulas and universal prescriptions of management already successfully used, without if it visualizes each new and different situation, not basta’ ‘. By means of these definitions one concludes that the organization is carrying through its paper with success. It is important to stand out the ideas of Chiavenato (2003, p.399) when affirms that ‘ ‘ the administrative effectiveness is not one aspeto of personality of the administrator, but it is function of correct manipulation of the situation. It is performance, that is, is not that the administrator makes, but what it obtm’ ‘. In relation to the executed calculations inside of the company it was observed that they are common calculations and they are used simple calculators and is used mainly for the consultants technician and the secretary. To take care of of services as: payment leaf, has broken tax and previdenciria the company makes use a terceirizado service.


October 1, 2016


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The tides do not arrive to cover the band delinquent of the rivers biggest, but they invade igaraps and for them they overflow for the fertile valley low. During the rainy station this stretch is almost constantly flooded and atoladio, but with the advance of the dry station it goes acquiring consistency until becoming firm. The width of the fertile valley low can reach some kilometers, and its area is well bigger of what of the high fertile valley. Dislocating itself more for the interior, it is come across with stretches where the quota is lower in relation to the previous ones, and are flooded for the water of rains, for the most part of the year. This band has very bigger extension from what the cited ones in remote times had previously and only received influence of the tides and the river Amazon. This stretch currently is formed to a large extent, for the deposition of vegetal debris in decomposition in the estagnada and dark water.

They are the subject to flooding fields for water candy (igaps). The ground of this stretch has watery and soft consistency. A factor that concurs for the formation of the ground of the fertile valleys is the organic substance, understanding itself as this the vegetal debris that fall on the ground, unfastened of the florstico covering. In such a way, in high fertile valleys, being the covering, generally, constituted of the bush, the substance organic if it unfastens of the forest ceiling and the sub-forest while in the stretches of quota lower, the organic substance comes from the covering formed for shrub or herbaceous plants. The agricultural possibilities and the conditions of work also are different in the high fertile valley, the fertile valley low and igaps. The high fertile valleys are of more easy manuscript and immediate agricultural possibilities. Since that the proper times for each culture are respected, these lands delinquents could be cultivated without previous draining.

Cultural Organization

September 30, 2016


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For this reason, it conditions the administration of the people. In other words, the organizacional culture represents the informal norms and not writings that guide the behavior of the members of an organization in day-by-day and that they direct its action for the reach of the organizacionais objectives. In the deep one, it is the culture that defines the mission and provokes the birth and the establishment of the objectives of the organization. The necessary culture to be lined up together with other aspects of the decisions and action of the organization as planning, organization, direction and control so that if it can better know the organization. 2.2O that it is Culture Culture it is the used generic term to mean two meanings different. Of a side, the set of customs, civilization and accomplishments of a time or people, and, of another side, arts, erudio and too much manifestations more sophisticated of the intellect and sensitivity human being, considered collectively. The organizacional culture nothing has to see with this. In the study of the organizations, the culture is equivalent to the way of life of the organization in all its aspects, as ideas, beliefs, customs, rules, techniques, etc.

In this direction, all the human beings are endowed with culture, therefore they are part of some cultural system. In function of this, all person tends to see and to judge the other cultures from the point of view of its proper culture. From there the relativismo: the beliefs and behaviors alone can be understood in relation to its cultural context. Each organization cultivates and keeps its proper culture. It is for this reason that some companies are known by some peculiarities proper. The culture represents the symbolic universe of the organization and provides to a referencial of standards of performance between the employees, influencing the pontualidade, the productivity and the concern with quality and service to the customer.

Taxes First

July 3, 2014


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(WHALER, 1976, P. 117). Amongst some classifications that the doctrine analyzes, the taxes can be classified, mainly, in indirect and real or personal right-handers or. It is distinguished, between the diplomas, the definition second Jniors (1993, P. 250) Are right-handers the taxes supported in definitive for the obliged contributor for law to its payment and indirect the taxes that can have its tax burden transferred for the contributor assigned for the law (contributing of right) to another person whom it will support, in definitive and to the end of the economic process, the tax burden (contributing in fact). Those are real taxations that have the description of a fact as incidence hypothesis, being its independent material aspect of the passive citizen of the relation tax. Personal taxes are considered those that lead in account, in its hypothesis of incidence, the passive citizen of the obligation.

In this in case that, the legal qualities of the passive citizen influence in the material aspect of the incidence hypothesis. Therefore, it is the tax a tribute not tied, that is, tribute whose hypothesis of incidence consists of the legal conceptualization of a fact any that if does not constitute in a state performance. Taxes First type tributary is the tax and art. 77 of the Internal revenue code appraise the tax for its generating fact, that is the regular exercise of the policy power or the use, accomplish or potential, utility specific and divisible, given to the contributor or rank to its disposal. On the subject, Whaler comments (1976, P. 292) the tax is charged of who uses special public service and divisible, of administrative or jurisdictional character, he has or it to its disposal, and, still, of who he provokes, in its I benefit or for act its, special expenditure of the public coffers. It is, therefore, the tax a tribute tied, that is, its generating fact depends on a direct state performance and immediately related to the debtor.

Opening Inside

December 5, 2013


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Expectativa of the customer? Project in compliance with the Term of Opening; Project inside of the stated period and the foreseen budget. 1.12.Fatores of success of the project? Communication accomplishes inside of the teams; Integral support of the area of YOU; Permanent support of the sponsor. 1.13.Restries? The budget is limited; The stated period-limit is the end of the fiscal year of the company, under risk of budgetary reverse speed-allocation; The project must inside be kept of the departmental sphere, having only the external contact with the areas of YOU and purchases. 1.14.Premissas? The people can change its behavior if adequately stimulated and prepared; The communication inside of the teams will be made through weekly meetings and instantaneous messages daily; The unrestricted support of all is necessary the involved ones inside of the division; The members of the teams will have integral devotion to the project; The teams of the project will have to have knowledge of management of projects and computer science.

1.15.LIMITES OF the PROJECT AND EXCLUSIONS YOU SPECIFY? The project does not have as objective to substitute the vestibule of the institution; The project does not have as objective to create politics and processes for coordination of other courses; The consultoria team will only act as support, and not as man power. 1.16.ESTRUTURA ANALYTICAL OF the PROJECT (PRELIMINARY) 1.17.PRINCIPAIS ACTIVITIES AND STRATEGIES OF the 1.17.1.Geral PROJECT? The cost of internal staff is not enclosed in the previous value and it will not be considered by already being part of the indirect cost of the company; The activities with lesser or equal recess will be considered critical the useful 3dias. 1.17.2.Diagnstico? It will be carried through by the division of management of projects, with costs arcados for the Coordination; The adopted standard will be of the PMI through the PMBOK Guide 3rd Edition; It will be carried through by specialized consultant.

English Market

November 17, 2013


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It is a very competitive market with trends to the consumption growth. The deodorant market, divided in pine and milky, if has segmented with the introduction of new fragrances, that enhance more after the cleanness the use of the products. In this market the Bombril also is leader with the marks Pine Bril and Kalipto. The market of saponceos has been marked for the technological improvement in the development of less abrasive products, but with same capacity of cleanness, enclosing its use and magnifying its consumption. The Bombril, with its Saplio Radium, also is leader in this category with 70% of the market. It is through the mark that the companies – in its values and ideals? they enter in the houses and imaginary the collective one of the population and that, from there, the success of the businesses can be defined. Mark is the translation of the English brand, that it comes of branding, used old for the North Americans to assign the process of marking with made hot iron in the identification of the cattle. It is accurately this that happens: the incandescent iron of the mark if penetrates, beyond the skin, but in the mind of the people as one forms to carry through consumption desires.

The embrenha mark if in the emotional of the modern human being of complex form, subjective e, therefore, the companies capable to make with that its mark if has detached among the others leaves in the front in the race for so dreamed fidelizao. In this point, the evolution in the relationship with the consumer can be changedded into the connecting rod of iron that supports the blazon of the mark or the water bucket that cools the flame of its setting. The mark is not alone the main intangible asset of the company, but its essence. The construction of the mark must be coherent with the value of the product, if the product is of high quality, the mark does not have to make to remember something of bad or low quality.

Brazilian Development Bank

November 7, 2013


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As the author, these programs if extend in 1997, Mines with the Program Congregate? Net of University Education of Empreendedorismo. In 1998, the States of Amazon, Paran and Rio Grande of the North. In 1999, it starts to spread out the education of the empreendedorismo in the too much Brazilian states. Dolabela adds that, according to estimates, still in the year of 1999, some existing programs in Brazil, had reached one publish college student of about 10 a thousand pupils. It believes that, due to the fast growth, of education in the area, this number must triple in two years. In what it says respect in perspectives for workmanships, Dolabela (1999), speaks of the great difficulties faced for the emergent companies in Brazil, mainly of technological base which lacks as much the politics publish adequate, how much system of financing based on risk capital.

according to Dolabela (1999), as it was presented, the movement of university education, of empreendedorismo despite rustic, it can be optimistical and to make to believe that the vises of the efforts of the government and the private initiative in this area can walk together. However as Dolabela (1999) is important to still evidence the decisive paper of institutions already cited and counting on the BNDES? Brazilian Development Bank, beyond state justinian codes of technology and city halls, in the support the programs of empreendedorismo in Brazil. 1.2 The Enterprising Process As research carried through in this work, exists series of factors that can influence an individual to become enterprising, being they ambient, social, personal factors or one somatrio of all they. INNOVATION: DECISION IMPLEMENTATION GROWTH the IDEA TO ADVANCE Process of creation of a company adapted of Gonalves (2000) After the decision to become enterprising, exists certain composed sequence of four phases for the efetivao of the enterprising process, is they: To identify and to evaluate the chance; To develop the plan business-oriented; To determine and to catch necessary resources; To manage the bred company.

State Reduction

September 26, 2013


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The National Plan of Reforma Agrria (PNRA) was elaborated by INCRA and had counted on the participation of known defenders of the agrarian reform, of syndical controllers and assessors, tied to the Contag and ace too much entities of representation of workers in the field. The Constitution of 1988, the Reformation and subject of it I capitulate Economic Order and Social it appears for the first time in a Brazilian Constitution. In it was assured that the property must take care of its social function. The Constitution also universalizou the previdencirios rights that the agricultural workers and familiar producers, understanding one to it high degree of covering the level of minimum wage. In accordance with Favero (1998), the year of 1991 was of the great agricultural reforms, with the adoption of the first National Agricultural Law (n 8,171) and of the complementary Law (n 8174) essentially aiming at to open the space for the market.

The law considers the increase of the participation of the private sector in the commercialization of agricultural products, the reduction of the State in the importation of agricultural products and definition of clear rules in the control publishes in the supplies. At the beginning of 1992, all the barriers you would not tariff I deal for it of rice, soy and staple fibres had been abolished, and the differentials between the taxes of agricultural interests and of the market had been reduced encarecendo the credit. Since then you vary other measures they had been adopted, leading to an increasing flexibilizao and will desregularo of the sector (1998, P. 47-48). As it describes Freire (1999, P. 82) in the first half of years 1990, two elements can be detached in the Brazilian agricultural politics: 1. The process of commercial opening of the economy, with the reduction of the aliquot ones of importation of farming products and of you scheme and agricultural insumos; implying the entrance of agricultural products mattered to concur with the national production; 2.Abandono of the PGPM and reduction I credit of it agricultural, with substitution of the sources you publish for private sources.