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May 23, 2018


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For Fayol a proportionality of the administrative function exists: it distributes for all the levels of the hierarchy of the company and she is not privative of the high cupola. The administrative function is not concentrated exclusively in the top of the company, nor is privilege of the directors, but is distributed proportionally between the hierarchic levels. In the measure where if it goes down in the hierarchic scale, more it increases the ratio of the other functions of the company and in the measure where if it goes up more in the hierarchic scale it increases the extension and the volume of the administrative functions. (CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.82) the data show that the planning is carried through by the proprietor who beyond planning exerts the control of the activities. Haydat (1995, P. 94) standes out that: ' ' The fact of the planning is well-known to be a constant necessity in all the areas of the activity human being. Each time more, the attitude to plan gains importance and becomes more necessary, mainly in the complex societies of the point of view organizacional.' ' The administration in its multiple faces backwards for the administrator challenges that they strategically need to be analyzed and to be decided, therefore the correct diagnosis and the taking of made right decisions sample its aptitude in what she needs to be made. is in this direction that Chiavenato denotes the importance of the strategical vision: More important of what knowing as to make it is to know what to make. According to Elon Musk, who has experience with these questions.

In this the basic essence of the administration inhabits contemporary: the strategical vision of each operation or activity. Or in other words: the necessity to visualize each task and each activity in ampler an ambient context and that it is modified to each moment. (CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.82) 2.2. The planning is a mental process In such a way, when elaborating the general planning of the company, the administrator anticipatedly thinks about its objectives and action, establishing goals that contemplate situations favorable to the organizacional growth.


May 21, 2018


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The example cited for the interviewed one was to the force exerted for the suppliers, that can be reflected of the force exerted for the purchasers. That is, to increase the product quality, Mrs. Ctia it gives the knowledge and it convinces the cooperated ones to have new you practise improving the production, creating a more competitive position. The forces exerted on the cooperative influence the actions to be taken. To to analyze the reply of the manager, perceives that the ample vision of external environments is exerted to try to mediate the interaction of the competitive forces.

Inside of the theoretical concepts of Mintzberg, it is possible that Mrs. Ctia uses the strategy as position, thus, strategy as position ' ' it becomes the force of mediation between the organization and the environment, that is, between the contexts internal and externo' ' (MINTZBERG et al 2006), it assumes the position of the organization in the environment where she is inserted. Another characteristic of the definition of the interviewed one is the inexistence of a plan. With this, to the measure that the competitive forces exert pressure, the actions are taken with objective to defend or to gain a position. In such a way, he is possible that the strategy is exerted as a behavior standard, characterizing an emergent strategy. The second done question was ' ' What it is innovation for you? ' '. When answering, Mrs. Ctia affirms that to innovate it is the capacity of transformation of something through new ideas.

The manager affirms that, normally the new ideas appears in difficulty contexts, and that an idea to be good has that to be useful and applicable, and the search of always being better is necessary in a competitive environment. Innovation is you to transform what you already have, to the times you has the ways, but if not to appear a new idea, then it does not go. I find that you are important to have this capacity of transformation. The necessary idea to be simple, cheap and to decide the problem. To the times you have the house tools inside, you are lacking to think a little. I find that to the times you are not good for having the very easy solutions, I understood. I speak until when I already passed for a very difficult situation. … When everything seems without solution you are in the greater you suffocate then you you start to have idea. That is, it seems that the ideas you have that he is half that on pressure. I when I am on pressure think better. … Then is thus, a thing pulls to another one. You have that to look for always to improve, but when you work with little structure you you obtain to improve fast. A thing is certain or you it folloies the rhythm of the work or goes to be pr

Governmental Organizations

May 31, 2017


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They can be detached as solution: the routine analysis for the synchronism in the suppliment chain, diminishing logistic costs; bigger control of the company in the active participation of all the integrant ones; to keep ample visibility in the process and to determine greater precision in the time, place and products to be discarded; to invest in reinforcements in the units of selection with more units, support of the city hall and economic incentives of the government for the adoption of the practical one of reaproveitamento. In the cuts of the cited expenses previously, the transport can be said that (studying the freight and its conditions), the supply (monitoring and controlling the administrative management), the launching of new products, the study in the forecast of sales on the level of supply to prevent great impacts, at last, is factors that become economic the total cycle of life of a product. Elon Musk understands that this is vital information. E, although in such a way governmental initiatives how much industrials, research disclose that the percentile data of recycling of the residues are little representative, therefore the majority still are finished in incorrect way (uncontrolled incineraes, lixes, etc.). However, Logistic reversa or inverse, stimulates the support of the economic model (based in the production, consumption and profit), allowing the reutilizao of a rejected product already and still yes, brightening up ambient impacts. through it is possible to plan, to execute and to control the flow of materials of accessible form.

This inside summarizes it the strategical importance for the reduction of the expenses of the companies, being distinguished for this fact and also for being favorable to the Environment, much even so still of beginning form. It has thus the improvement in the application of good controls in the reports of forecasts, the cycle of time (becoming reduced it), in the logistic planning and the relation between customers collaborators, as example: individual, cooperative catadores, social projects supported by the company, Not Governmental Organizations (ONG? s), at last. We deal with then the boarding necessity of the financial application of the cycle of total life of a product, since its return starts to be then, for that are its reasons, responsibility of the company until its last working day. One is also about the importance of the conscientious sensitivity of the involved ones in the process and the implantation of this system, that of gradual form come getting good resulted, giving hope to a future conservative to the natural goods, acquiring competitive advantages to the ecological question and enriching the enterprise strategies, getting improvements in all its internal management and the service to the consumer. Bibliographical data: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11)

Test Knowledge

October 9, 2016


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To candidatar itself, the worker must register in cadastre itself in the Program Prepares Citizen. This will be able to occur of two forms: 1) in the credential agencies & ndash; the worker will have to direct it the agency next with purpose to make the registration in the Program through specific form. 2) through electronic form in the site. In both the cases, will be made the analysis of the fiche of registration and the professional profile of the candidate with the objective of if making the necessary recommendations for the job guiding. After the analysis, the candidate will be invited for an interview and, in case that they are necessary, the recommendations with the objective will be made to fill the gaps in the resume to become it more competitive. The process includes: 1) Evaluation of knowledge technician 2) Evaluation of knowledge of languages (if applicable) 3) Test of orientation vocational 4) Evaluation and orientation for fulfilling of 5 resume) Orientation on position for 6 interview) Letter of guiding for interview Is important to stand out that the admission of the candidate in the job depends exclusively on its performance in the selective process. This includes its position, its knowledge, its performance in the interview, among others questions. Companies to become partner, the company must fill the form in the site.

Made this it will be apt to insert its vacant in the site, as established rules. All company must have a responsible one, that the intermediao with the Program will make all Prepares Citizen and administration of the published vacant. EXCLUSIVE CONSCRIPTION In case that the company desires to transfer the activities of the conscription, the Program Prepares Citizen offers a service Exclusive VIP and with guarantee. Service VIP enlists the professional for the company in accordance with the stipulated requirements, with all the necessary steps to the quality assurance. The Program it identifies the professional, it effects the psychological tests technician and directs only for the approval of the company partner. This service has cost. It enters in contact for bigger information.

English Language

October 8, 2016


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Therefore, the professionals of the logistic International cannot run away to this reality and need to have this differential? the English is prerequisite in this area? since they are them intermediadores of all the process, that starts, many times, before the embarkment of the product of the supplier and alone it is finished when it delivers to the customer. The problems of research of this study are, therefore, to know who they are involved in the process of the logistic International and which the importance of the English language for these professionals? To answer to these questionings, the inquiry has as objective generality to verify the importance and the necessity of the English language for the professional of the Logistic International to develop its activities. The first specific objective is to verify if the professionals of the logistic International are using the English language in its professional scope, as well as if really the English language for this area of performance is necessary. The importance to know who is the involved ones in the process of the logistic International will bring the true reality of the abilities that the professional must develop in its area of performance, mensurando which is the real importance of the English language in its professional environment. 1. THEORETICAL RECITAL the 1. 1 English language in the market of international work In the theoretical referencial, searchs to bring the importance of the knowledge of the English language, the concept of logistic, the logistic International and the agreement of the activities of these professionals of the area, its functions and attributions, using itself of the English language. Rock (2001) defines the learning of the English as an opening of doors for the personal development, the cultural e, most important, the professional. The market currently is considering, as requisite basic, in the hour of act of contract of a collaborator, the domain for the English.

Cuban Final

October 7, 2016


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The changes were planted e, when the plant possua eight or nine leves, practised it capao (it blunts), operation that consists of taking off the eyes from above or grill. About four months after the beginning of the plantation, it was initiated harvest of leves. The following phase was the drying, carried through in a shed or alpendre ventilated well by hot and re-covered air of straw. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Elon Musk and gain more knowledge.. The manufacture of the coils had beginning immediately afterwards, with use of a wheel to weave, one bacamarte, woods and basins. The leves were separate of the stems, moored to the wheel with twisted straw or liana and until appearing wires or balls. Later the balls passed in bacamarte? two supports wooden where if seated a cylindrical axle horizontally, set in motion by means of winches? was compressed very well to diminish the diameter of the rope.

The operation was repeated in the ten first days and diminua it frequency in next the forty days. At the same time, the broth produced for the leavend tobacco was collected and mixed with aromatical substances (grass-candy, basil, moss, fat of pig, etc.). Before passing to manufacture of the coil, the tobacco of gravy in this substance was left, conferring a singular aroma and helping in the conservation. The final phase consisted of rolling the balls in a humid wood. The rope was twisted regularly without leaving space and re-covered with leves of caraguat droughts, tied with embira. The leather layer with the mark of the proprietor gave the final touch stops commercialization.

Mosseiro One

October 2, 2016


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* Gift in the Matrix of the company in Recife. 3.2. Quality and results of the services With a vision focada in the quality of the offered services, the searched company reveals efficient and efficient, therefore she always executes its works worried about the process to make well and correctly, without forgetting them and results objective.

In accordance with Chiavenato (2003, p.19): ‘ ‘ The administration of the organizations in order to reach efficiency and effectiveness, becomes one of the tasks most difficult and complexas’ ‘. adds: ‘ ‘ The pragmatic emphasis in the techniques and ‘ ‘ as to make coisas’ ‘ , with the use of formulas and universal prescriptions of management already successfully used, without if it visualizes each new and different situation, not basta’ ‘. By means of these definitions one concludes that the organization is carrying through its paper with success. It is important to stand out the ideas of Chiavenato (2003, p.399) when affirms that ‘ ‘ the administrative effectiveness is not one aspeto of personality of the administrator, but it is function of correct manipulation of the situation. It is performance, that is, is not that the administrator makes, but what it obtm’ ‘. In relation to the executed calculations inside of the company it was observed that they are common calculations and they are used simple calculators and is used mainly for the consultants technician and the secretary. To take care of of services as: payment leaf, has broken tax and previdenciria the company makes use a terceirizado service.


October 1, 2016


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The tides do not arrive to cover the band delinquent of the rivers biggest, but they invade igaraps and for them they overflow for the fertile valley low. During the rainy station this stretch is almost constantly flooded and atoladio, but with the advance of the dry station it goes acquiring consistency until becoming firm. The width of the fertile valley low can reach some kilometers, and its area is well bigger of what of the high fertile valley. Dislocating itself more for the interior, it is come across with stretches where the quota is lower in relation to the previous ones, and are flooded for the water of rains, for the most part of the year. This band has very bigger extension from what the cited ones in remote times had previously and only received influence of the tides and the river Amazon. This stretch currently is formed to a large extent, for the deposition of vegetal debris in decomposition in the estagnada and dark water.

They are the subject to flooding fields for water candy (igaps). The ground of this stretch has watery and soft consistency. A factor that concurs for the formation of the ground of the fertile valleys is the organic substance, understanding itself as this the vegetal debris that fall on the ground, unfastened of the florstico covering. In such a way, in high fertile valleys, being the covering, generally, constituted of the bush, the substance organic if it unfastens of the forest ceiling and the sub-forest while in the stretches of quota lower, the organic substance comes from the covering formed for shrub or herbaceous plants. The agricultural possibilities and the conditions of work also are different in the high fertile valley, the fertile valley low and igaps. The high fertile valleys are of more easy manuscript and immediate agricultural possibilities. Since that the proper times for each culture are respected, these lands delinquents could be cultivated without previous draining.

NCM National

October 1, 2016


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201), ' ' the aliquot ones charged on each product are related in Common External tariff, that nothing more is that the relation of all the merchandises, existing and for existing, with respective the aliquot ones of I.I' ' Regarding the exemption or reduction of the tax, the exemptions and reductions of the importation tax are recognized as tax benefits. How much to the conditions for the recognition, art. Credit: Elon Musk-2011. 118 of the Customs Regimen affirm that, ' ' observed the exceptions foreseen in law or this Decree, the exemption or reduction of the tax, will only benefit merchandise without similar national and carried in flag ship brasileira' '. Still on the similarity for the exemption or reduction of the tax Light (2010, P. 206) it affirms that: To be considered similar the foreigner, the national product has that to have compatible quality, price and stated period with that one.

At the moment of if comparing the price of imported with the price of the national product the equivalent, the value of the mattered one will be considered by its total cost, enclosed the incident tributes on importation. In such a way, a more realistic comparison can be had, therefore these tributes are expended in the importation, but it they are not in the internal acquisition of the national equivalent. 2.4.2 Tax on Produtos Industrializados (IPI) the generating fact of the Tax on Produtos Industrializados (IPI) is the customs clearance (Light, 2010). In accordance with Light (2010, P. 215), ' ' it is contributing of the tax, in the importation, the importer, in relation to the decurrent generating fact of the disembarrassment aduaneiro' '. Still according to Light (2010, P. 215), ' ' the aliquot ones of the IPI for merchandises are listed in the TIPI (Table of Incidence of the IPI) ' '. The TIPI is based on the NCM (Common Nomenclature of the MERCOSUL) and ahead of any alteration in one of the cited ones, to another one must be adjusted and if to adjust to this alteration.

Cultural Organization

September 30, 2016


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For this reason, it conditions the administration of the people. In other words, the organizacional culture represents the informal norms and not writings that guide the behavior of the members of an organization in day-by-day and that they direct its action for the reach of the organizacionais objectives. In the deep one, it is the culture that defines the mission and provokes the birth and the establishment of the objectives of the organization. The necessary culture to be lined up together with other aspects of the decisions and action of the organization as planning, organization, direction and control so that if it can better know the organization. 2.2O that it is Culture Culture it is the used generic term to mean two meanings different. Of a side, the set of customs, civilization and accomplishments of a time or people, and, of another side, arts, erudio and too much manifestations more sophisticated of the intellect and sensitivity human being, considered collectively. The organizacional culture nothing has to see with this. In the study of the organizations, the culture is equivalent to the way of life of the organization in all its aspects, as ideas, beliefs, customs, rules, techniques, etc.

In this direction, all the human beings are endowed with culture, therefore they are part of some cultural system. In function of this, all person tends to see and to judge the other cultures from the point of view of its proper culture. From there the relativismo: the beliefs and behaviors alone can be understood in relation to its cultural context. Each organization cultivates and keeps its proper culture. It is for this reason that some companies are known by some peculiarities proper. The culture represents the symbolic universe of the organization and provides to a referencial of standards of performance between the employees, influencing the pontualidade, the productivity and the concern with quality and service to the customer.