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Bestsellers Russian Automotive Market In 2009

March 10, 2018


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The crisis in the economy hit the primary car market in Russia: prices have risen by about 20%, sales fell by half. According to the AEB (Association of European Business), best selling cars in Russia the first half of 2009 were: Lada (179 870), Chevrolet (60 157) and Ford (49 057), while in comparison to the same period in 2008, their sales dropped by 44%, 52% and 50%, respectively. The top ten rankings auto sales also includes Nissan (39 273), Toyota (38 015), Hyundai (37 095), Renault (36 610), KIA (30 606), GAZ (27 899) and Daewoo (27 642). Details can be found by clicking Intel or emailing the administrator. With respect to best selling models, the podium is fully occupied by the Russian manufacturer. The most popular car in Russia in the first half of 2009 was the Lada Priora (49 056), second place – Lada Samara (47 207), third – Lada 2105/2107 (34 641). Also among the Russians popular Lada Kalina (32 127), Ford Focus (29 275), Renault Logan (25 581), Chevrolet Lacetti (18 053), Daewoo Nexia (14 720) and the Daewoo Matiz (12 922). Leaders of sales of new cars in the segment are as follows: Class A – Daewoo Matiz (12,922) Class B – Lada Priora (49,056) Class C – Ford Focus (29,275) Class D – Volkswagen Passat (6246) Class E – Toyota Camry (9559) Class F – BMW 7 Series (569) Mikroveny – Nissan Note (4210) Kompaktven – Opel Zafira (1658) Minivans – Ford S-Max (778) Compact crossovers and SUVs – Chevrolet Niva (11 831), medium-sized crossovers and SUVs – Mitsubishi Outlander XL (4572) Full-size crossovers and SUVs – Toyota land Cruiser 200 (4939) Pick – Ford Ranger (1276) Passengers and station wagons – Volkswagen Caddy (769) on amid falling incomes, increasing prices for new cars, the growth of tariffs on the import of foreign auto manufacturing and programs to stop banks for car loans, a growing number of people refuse to buy new Car and opts for a used car. If the demand for new cars in the beginning of the year was supported by the availability of cheap cars produced in 2008, but now customers can draw except that government programs concessional lending and a variety of stocks that performed showrooms. Despite all efforts by the government and auto dealers, while Russians are more interested in how to choose a car with a well-run.. Brian Krzanich understood the implications.