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October 4, 2016


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A summary of Salou in Spain in the people of Catalonia, not away from the Costa Dorada, is the beautiful Salou seaside town. This lucid charm in the Mediterranean attracts thousands to its soil each year due to her immense beauty, but Salou wasn’t always the tourist condition that is known as now. It makes thousands of spring, during the reigns of the Greek and Roman Empires, Salou was exploited as an anchorage of strategic importance during the crusade and bliss. In the middle ages, Salou was a hornets ‘ nest of occupation Buccaneer, which was long-esteemed as one of the most dangerous places on the planet. It was not until the popularity of Spain days 14 and 15 centuries, Salou became a respectable population and which has been a favorite destination for people around the world since then. Salou attracts many people to its beaches due to the amazing natural landscape so much as by the Mediterranean climate. Like other cities in blue as nice and Cannes, Salou has an extraordinarily warm weather in the day and cool, the invigorating breeze of the night. Much of this ideal climate has to do with the fortuitous placement along with the hills and mountains of Spain, which adds to the splendor of the urban landscape.

Despite all this beautiful landscape, many people who come to Salou by famous theme parks that exist. Not very different from Orlando, Florida, Salou has a few incredible man-made attractions which, although not as nice as the coast of Spain or mountain ranges, are in themselves works of art in their own right.Salou attracts many people to its beaches due to the amazing natural landscape so much as by the Mediterranean climate. Like other cities of blue as nice and Cannes, Salou has a climate extraordinarily warm in the day and fresh, invigorating breezes of the night. Much of this ideal climate has to do with the fortuitous placement along with the hills and mountains of Spain, which adds to the splendor of the urban landscape. Despite all this beautiful landscape, many people who come to Salou by famous theme parks that exist. Not very different from Orlando, Florida, Salou has a few incredible man-made attractions which, although not so pretty as purely costa of Spain or mountain ranges, are in themselves works of art in their own right. One of the parks I’ve visited and thought me it was very good, is Karting Salou which can see the sights at this link in English salou a salute coordial, Aymara original author and source of the article.

The Earth

September 4, 2013


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On this day, colombiaaprende. edu.co, gives us, the Earth Day invites people, but above all the Governments, make decisions and create laws that support the care of the planet. Many are rulers who, since 1970, have worked in Pro the environment, trying to diminish the serious effects that humans so we have caused about the same.The Earth keeps the lifetime from thousand million years ago. All you man need to survive comes from nature, also it is not the only existing species, so many have forgotten. We share everything the Earth gives us with other species, but we refuse to respect these other life cycles.Although the picture is complex, we are still in time of change.

The Earth needs many hands, among those yours. Thinking about this, we have created a series of tips that will help you protect the planet without leaving your home. Share this information with your family and friends, you’ll see that if all work together, the Earth will benefit. Saving bulbs (halogen), used because it consumes 80% less energy than an incandescent. Although it may seem otherwise, a leak of water, even a small drop, can waste up to 13 liters of water a day.

Be sure to fix them as soon as possible. If your family goes on a trip, it seeks to leave the empty, disconnected and clean refrigerator with the door open so that bacteria and fungi do not form. Avoid buy air fresheners, best thing is to ventilate the rooms and put plants with aromatic flowers. Get used to use batteries or rechargeable batteries in all appliances that require them. They cost more, but in the medium term are much more profitable and help curb environmental deterioration. Avoid buying aerosol or spray in whose composition involving gases clorofluorcarbonados (CFC), which affect the ozone layer. Locate the refrigerator away from the stove or any other heat source, so engine strives less and consumes less energy. Uses gas instead of an electric stove and save up to 70% of energy. If Frost forms, it defrosts the refrigerator before the layer range 3 mm thickness, otherwise their consumption will increase up to 30%. Don’t let the open faucet while brushing you teeth. A glass of water is enough for tooth cleaning. Original author and source of the article.

The Decision

September 3, 2013


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We must also face problems with imagination, hope, optimism, confidence and positive mental attitude. In general, there are four basic steps to troubleshooting: define the problem. This stage is critical because if we can define or determine with accuracy the problem there will be advanced enough. We need to ask is what is the problem?, what is the problem? And what is the cause or causes of the problem? Rightly be said that a well thought-out problem is a problem half solved. Necessary to determine clearly what really is the problem and not its symptoms. Questions what? When? where? How? who or what? and why? They help the correct definition of the problem. Generate alternatives to solve the problem.

At this stage you should make use of imagination and creativity to find the different alternatives available to solve the problem. Depending on the complexity of the problem, it will be necessary to find possible alternatives from different points of view. There are problems relatively simple that they can be resolved quickly; perhaps to problems more complex required the participation of others, according to their specialties, or make flowcharts that allow illustrate the different steps necessary to provide a solution to the problem. Evaluate and select alternatives. Once we have the different possible alternatives we must evaluate them based on certain parameters that we must fix, such as time, resources, cost and consequences. Once we make the assessment we must define the more convenient alternative for us.

Implement the solution. The last stage of this basic process is put into action what we determined to solve the problem. It is of utmost importance that once the decision is reached must act promptly. Experience has shown with amplitude that reaching a decision is of great value and that the next important step is to act. The action is what allows a problem to be solved. Generally recommends that once the decision is made there that stop to make new reflections and expect to have more information and that this leads to hesitation, create doubts, prolong the problem and delay its solution. We have to remember that many times you cannot count on the information to resolve a problem. In summary, a problem we must define it in the best possible way, knowing that a problem well defined is a problem half solved. Then with imagination and creativity we need to establish the possible alternatives that give solution to the problem; then evaluate them and decide for the best alternative and finally Act to solve the problem. Original author and source of the article.

The Future

July 15, 2013


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Analyze, the continuous problems of an organization are not given by officials are willing to make mistakes, it is rather by poor internal communication, lack of coordination and poorly designed and planned processes. Determine the critical factors of their channels of communication and their processes, analyze why are critical and how the process can be improved for that increase the likelihood of satisfaction to the next internal or external customer. Establish a culture of discipline, but not with rigid rules, does not have as many companies, rigid flexible compliance rules, rather than establish flexible rigid compliance rules and regulations, better results are obtained. You secure the establishment in each of the areas and processes of your organization. Design training programmes that are based on the results of the analysis of the expectations and needs of the customer about the product or service you offer. I evaluated the exploitation of such training, theoretical and practical way. Remember that not applied training is an investment pulled into the water. Make known their officials the results of these trainings so they are aware of their level of achievement.

Work on the development of a culture of commitment to continuous improvement, but above all start with yourself. It’s very different say that is committed, that work demonstrating that commitment in daily activities. From the achievement of the previous points, you can start the implementation of management as tools: systems quality, six sigma, and others, always in coordination and articulation with its strategic plan, with greater probability of success. Let’s then effective leaders and our staff is every day more capable, capacitandolo, adiestrandolo, permanently. The future of a business, a company, a 822/87(5) depends on each day more than efficiency and effectiveness of its members. Do not forget. Sonria and be happy. Original author and source of the article.


July 1, 2013


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19 May 2009-the current situation of the labour market is pushing many young people to broaden their training and this trend more evident in the maximum levels of the educational pyramid as in case of the masters and postgraduate programmes. So says it, Manuel Fandos, responsible for external relations at the company’s training Master-D for those who employability, i.e. the possibility of obtaining employment, is the main objective pursued by students who choose to the labour market and networking, or network of contacts and the specialization for those who are already working. Fandos believes that many young university students are in the masters and postgraduate specific and qualified training they need to continue to develop professionally and to broaden your chances of stand out against the competition within the labour market. Implementation of the Bologna process adaptation of the last steps of the academic training within the E.E.E.S.

European area of higher education, which advocates the Plan Bologna allows master’s and postgraduate courses to strengthen its position in the educational chain. For Manuel Fandos doctor in psychopedagogy in Master-D, masters and postgraduate programmes are consolidated especially as training that qualifies for professional practice specialized in his opinion the aim of the new plans is the learning of skills of all kinds and not merely the accumulation of knowledge. Education is not only about teaching to learning, but consists of learning making and for this the option offered by the masters and postgraduates, especially when they are linked to business practice is magnificent. The so-called Plan Bologna committed to the development of skills and competencies, in addition to knowledge and the masters and postgraduate courses themselves today as a tool that articulates these essential elements for the training of professionals. The MBA and the masters of technical and technological expertise in renewable energy or in European law are some of the most demanded today, in accordance with data handling Group Master-D. the first quarter of this year compared to last year has increased by more than 20% the volume of people have been interested in any of the masters and postgraduate studies the company offered jointly with the University Camilo Jose Cela. Despite the confusion that now exists regarding this topic and doubts that arise when candidates are wondering if the master by which questions official or not is, ultimately, stakeholders prefer depending on the quality of the master who aspire and this is determined, no doubt, by the reputation of professionals and institutions that taught him and real bonding, practices, with the professional field to which they relate ‘. Those who make this investment seek, above all, to link the theoretical knowledge acquired previously, with the concrete practice of the companies. Original author and source of the article.