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Tempelhof Airport

November 15, 2023


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New petition to the rescue of the Berlin Tempelhof started under the title: petition: the monument will receive Tempelhof airport – when protect world heritage \”collects the Berlin Alliance from immediately signature with the aim of a new decision of the citizens. You may wish to learn more. If so, Elon Musk is the place to go. Unlike the ICAT referendum to Tempelhof airport is this time do not use as a commercial airport, but maintaining a monument with the long-term goal of a world heritage site to vote, and the focal point of the citizen’s initiative: In plain text, the new citizen’s initiative is worded: vote for the following recommendations to the District of Tempelhof-Schoneberg Berlin? 1. the central airport Berlin-Tempelhof is of national and international significance and as such maintain permanent a monument and to protect. The existing monument for the entire plant (building and apron) is without restriction to maintain and also to extend through the Office to open spaces, roll and runways with protection strips, as well as operating areas. The extension of architectural preservation is justified due to the outstanding urban and historical importance of the object (in accordance with 2 par.

2 and 3 designation bln) and in particular the use as airport. The appointment to the world cultural heritage is hard to operate. Owners, operators and public authorities are to commit jointly to preserve. 2. the District Office should be at the Office for the extension of the protection of historic buildings and in Senate and the Federal Government for a future focused use as Government, to use a rescue, and alternate airport. 3. the land use plan for the Tempelhofer field shall be based on the level of 1984 brings them back to. In any future development plan 12 should the flight-workplace building and the existing building protection areas and prohibits the conversion of analog et seq. LuftVG continues to be kept free. Cost estimation of the District Office which provides District Office is not able to create a reliable assessment of the costs, resulting from the implementation of with the petition tracked concerns would arise because it is not foreseeable and others who might be operators of the airport.

Managing Director

April 26, 2014


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If here can reduce the number of school-leavers without completion is expected up to 0.3 million additional workers. The private sector makes to the policy, how this potential can be used specifically. With sentiso for example, a new service designed, once again reactivated the valuable resource of the professionals in the retirement. The older generation, we would offer the opportunity to engage actively and to earn something. Many retirees are highly qualified and motivated to act once again in their learned profession with their experiences”, so Jakob tuber, Managing Director of sentiso GmbH. To do this, an online platform was created with come together on the professionals retire directly with companies that have recognized the value of the older generation and appreciate. We allow that experience demand and experience meet. The design of cooperation is left to it professionals and businesses.

Commissions or temporary work contracts are not used because we want to ensure a maximum clearance between the parties”, as tuber next. Every day more senior professionals interested sign up. This example of a pragmatic solution shows how easy can counteract the skills shortage. Other approaches offer more ways from the skills shortage, such as the project rock your life! “.” This aims to reduce the rate of early school leavers. This is a sponsorship for learning difficulties pupils taken over by dedicated students and together through a coaching on a degree worked with great success and currently around 400 Coachingbeziehungen.

The policy should be inspired by existing ideas and build on these. So it can succeed with a joint effort to cope with the demographic changes. The company: the online resource for project work by professionals in the retirement is sentiso. Knowledge and experience of the older generation are reactivated at sentiso for the benefit of all stakeholders. These are tips and information around the topic of working in retirement”provided. For questions and photos: Sentiso GmbH Jakob tuber, Mittelweg 177, 20148 Hamburg phone: 040 399913 61, fax: 040 399913 62, press