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October 29, 2013



With regard to the easinesses, two units had appeared: sensation of freedom financial autonomy. HEALTH PROBLEMS For Figueredo and Tonini (2006) the aged ones frequent they have more than a health problem, with atypical intensity and presentations, what it increases the complexity and the necessity of detailed evaluations lapsing of personalized nursing. How much to the health problems, it is expressed: ' ' only the problems n, treats the illnesses ' ' S.3 ' ' the only difficulty mine, pra me to live thus alone, is when I have this problem of column that attacks me ' ' S. 7 In what it says respect to the health, what it is observed is the existence of two aspects related to the condition to live alone: the problems of health and the treatment of these illnesses. On the other hand, lesser number of illnesses would be waited, that aged that they live alone they presented better conditions of health, as well as, better functional performance, important aspects so that they obtain to remain itself alone.

One another argument would be valid and imply that aged that they live alone they would have one worse condition of health, for not having somebody to help in the routine activities, to serve of company and to take care of in necessity cases. How much to the routine activities we find: ' ' in such a way in the hour of the service ' ' S. 9 ' ' it is, I pro leaves house center with the bus because I have problem in the knee I do not have courage to travel pra far. I have 3 children liveing in Santa Catarina and not yet I was to visit they, I have fear n, in the bus n, swells the foot ' ' S. 10 the aged one has some limitations generated for health problems.


October 21, 2013


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All aim at basically not only the increase of the production but, also, the maintenance of it to survive in a competitive market. The constant innovations and improvements in the productivity are the motor force in the change for new economies. If not forgetting it more important factor the production, the human being. 2. Methodology for taking of decision Beyond the armory of techniques that already we use, will be that we really need more? Answering with the evidences of the current reality of the organizations still today, in the great majority of the companies who project and manufacture manufactured products, we find these symptoms: ) In the development phase, we pass some cycles deciding problems that appear in the final stages of validation of the product, what it delays the launching, beyond increasing the cost; b) In the manufacture phase, new problems appear to the times in amenas conditions of what the tested ones in laboratory. still superficially, backslides some problems that we thought to have been decided; c) In the use phase, one has left of those problems if manifest, causing insatisfao of the customers and increase of the guarantee cost.

The simple fact of that such problems are chronic in some industries already is an accurate demonstration of that the traditional style to decide engineering problems is not enough efficient to face the involved complexity in the products and processes of the present time. Therefore, we need more efficient tools to support the industrial process of development of new products and processes. why such problems happen? The truth is that simple products or processes do not exist. Exactly a so trivial product how much a screw possesss a sufficiently great number of involved 0 variable in the project and the process of manufacture. 2,1 Culture for solution of problems is known that each country, or each culture, has a different form of decision, very accepted and spread out in the customs of each nation.

University Groups

October 14, 2013


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The economic situation, unemployment, the crisis and the political present time generate multitude of groups where the users of Facebook leave their commentaries. Thousands of people, in their majority young, use these to give their vision of the present time. List: tens of crazy groups in Facebook. The Spanish internauts sharpen more and more his I devise to add followers to their groups of Facebook, that hide ironic social critics to the diverse aspects of the society, from the policy to the television or the economy. Tens of thousands of internauts, the majority of young them, are added to groups of Facebook with funny titles that criticize the majority of times more the commented subjects in traditional mass media. The economic situation, unemployment, the crisis and the political present time generate many of the groups that are created in Facebook, initially to take a smile and to add followers, but with a sociological background of acid critic, like more than 45,000 people than they have subscribed the group " In Spain we left the University preparations ". More than 54,000 people they have signed in the group: " In Spain, finished the race you have three exits: by sea, earth or aire".

More than 92,000 internauts they abound in the economic crisis and they think that " , money can’t buy happiness good yes, but I am that I am very raro" , and others are in the group " I have neither iPad, nor iMac, nor iPhone because noniDinero ". " To know how English to be waiter, but does not stop to be president of the Gobierno" he is another group in Facebook, that it has more than 50,000 followers and it aims critically at the curricula of the politicians. The loss of prestige of the political class by the individual actions of a few has caused some politically incorrect groups, like which it calls to that " In the next elections Alibaba votes, the thieves are only 40&quot there; , with 56,389 followers.

Sustainable Development: ** Starts For You

October 7, 2013


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The search for the development sustentaveldeve to be something first personal, therefore demonstrates to the agreement decade on this necessity, and thus the work in team will only make adiferena to reach the waited results so that if terum can better world for this generation and the next ones. To be sustainable, estimates the first moment only in the ambitosocial, harms and necessary that possamo to go beyond this simple assumption, therefore he is resulted of all the personal acts that if practise all osdias, since the choice of a product come of not sustainable origin ata lack of commitment and devotion the social causes in the way where sevive. The great companies have a great parcel of culpanodesiquilibrio that today exists, harms to deny perhaps that talvezproporcionalmente the small enterprises contribute maisnegativamente that these companies can be something made a mistake. Both precisamesta in accordance with the rules you specify of its activities, nojustifica to leave of side its obrigao with the sustentablidade alone for queainda if she is a small company. It is clearly that she is necessary that has development, harms what seprecisa to understand is the cost of that this development estacontencendo, therefore if so that it aconte is used more recursosque the necessary one to keep what he is used for this and asfuturas generations, this development will not be sustainable. One is paper decade to be to charge all to its redor its participation econcientizao on the subject and that all can contribute so that sustainable hajadesenvolvimento in sau house, quarter and city. When if it had is expression, if it is necessary to have in mind that oprincipal objective and obligation of each one, it is to make use of that setem available in resources but in such way that the generations futurastenham the same chance and conditions that today have been offered. Personal Acontribuio, either with a project to plant trees, sejapara to teach devoid communities to develop new chances dese to have alternative incomes, or only one group that helps the pessoascarentes in social projects, everything this will generate positive impacts noambito social-economic-ambient, and only based in this tripexistara so longed for sustainable development.

Organic Substances

October 6, 2013


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1 INTRODUCTION the ground is not constituted only of particle remaining portion of rocks, but also of remaining portions of plants and animals. The particles of the rocks are the mineral components and the remaining portions of plants and animals are the organic components. The present work has the intention synthetically to show to the definition of organic substance as well as its importance for the balance and fertility of the ground. Inside of this context, it is discoursed on the humificao processes and mineralizao, later becomes one brief communication the use of the organic substance in sustainable agriculture and conclusive they emphasize it importance of its diverse papers in the use and the conservation of the ground. 2 DEFINITION OF ORGANIC SUBSTANCE the organic substance of the ground is composed for the remaining portion of plants and animals. The USA organic word because one mentions the remaining portions to it of organisms, and these in turn are formed mainly by organic composites between which it has four great groups.

The carboidratos and proteins are most important, as much one as the other possesss a fast decomposition, contributing for the nutrients of the ground, as nitrogen (n), match (p) and sulphur (s). Another one is the lignina, a highly resistant composition, that persists in the ground being part of hmus. Finally, we have the lipdios (added with waxes and resins), that also they are component resistant and they contribute with sulphur (s) and match (p) for the ground (GUCHERT, ROUSSENQ GRANDSON, 2007, P. 23). Therefore we can define all material organic substance as of organic origin in high state of decomposition. 3 the IMPORTANCE OF the ORGANIC SUBSTANCE OF the GROUND the presence of organic substance is basic for the maintenance of the micron and mesobiota of the ground, therefore the action of the decompositores on this substance goes to return to the ground the necessary nutrients so that the beings livings creature that inhabit the ground can acquire energy to survive and also to keep the balance and the conservation of the ground.

Unique Gifts

October 3, 2013


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Probably every reader of this note to his childhood came across a nice (and for someone else – a problem) procedure of choice of gifts for their loved ones. Gift – it is not only a great tradition, which originated centuries ago, but opportunity to express their attitude to man, to show how much he cares about you and roads. So what are the gifts we give? Without going into details, all gifts can be divided into four categories: 1) Practical – a gift definitely the right person to buy yourself that he is unable or too lazy. 2) Funny gifts, do not contain material value, but fully experience lots of positive emotions. 3) Money.

Some people prefer not to bother and just brings money in an envelope, and now there were even special colorful envelopes, postcards for this purpose. Money to these gifts include difficult for obvious reasons – not the person is ignored, ignored his personality than to kill the very essence of the gift. 4) Unique gifts, hand made or customized specifically for the person. On the last point let us examine in more detail. Why we give to individual handmade gifts work? How are they better vacuum cleaner, pots, or set to shave? Firstly, such a gift, we show the most reverent attitude to the person, for which the show. This thing keeps the warmth of our hearts and unique the idea was born from the creative imagination. Such a gift completely fulfills its main purpose – to long to please its owner and remind him of the dear ones. The unique thing is not broken, do not end, do not get bored. C It feels very special people who have something that no more, no one person in the world. And, of course, he appreciates the attention shown to him by such a gift. Stand out, give your loved ones personal, creative gifts made especially for them!