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The Symbolic

It thinks, in a revealing letter? of its joy, in a declaration of love, friendship, happiness. It thinks about verses, poems, written for you? he dedicates a time of its life to think good feelings and the dirigiz them it who you love. He personalizes its gift, with what really valley the penalty to be personalized? he joins its better feelings in the symbolic one, in what he is perpetual and not in what it is transitory and material. 3. If you have money, accurately know the physical and mental effort that cost to gain, you cannot, just therefore, to want to give its day of work its namorada one, because thus it goes to be if asking: He will be that I am not valid more than this? Or he will be himself different, exactly thus goes to ask itself: More I am valid everything this? He will always have a comparison? with the intrinsic value in the gift. Then, people cannot be evaluated by monetary values? thing that all the gifts want to transmit. more, we must know: that things of the heart cannot be bought with money. A thing is a thing? another thing is another thing.

4. A child to play of truth does not make difference some, or with lada of milk in dust pulled for a string, or with a remote-control car I acquire in the Shopping. The fancy is not on the prices, unites is much more on to the imagination that the remote control wants to inhibit. This linking is to subliminar is created for the market to enslave you to a consumerism irrational. You, still, think, therefore not? 5. The pleasure to have technical advanced a new object in such a way lasts how much the time of a new and brilliant launching? e, you have money to follow these launchings? E, more the functionality is always same, or the very next one to the previous one, what it differs are the promocionais apelos for new functions and many of the completely unnecessary times, beyond, almost always, air-tight and intelligible, for the common man.

Knowledge Foundation

A strong debate revolves around the possible replacement of humans by robots who completed some functions. Will this prophecy ratified by practice or is simply in the mind of the supporters of Julio Vernes? This and other many questions teeming in our minds can be satisfied receiving adequate preparation in courses with programs Advanced on these hot topics. And one of them is the course of Autocad in Mendoza that provides in Mendoza the Knowledge Foundation. And this expert system is capable of performing functions that in the preceding years to 1982, when that was released to the world this phenomenal and revolutionary system, no one had even dreamed of. Just remember to then have a computer table or PC was all a prodigy who felt the rigor of technological advancement when appeared the diskettes 1.44 Mb.

Imagine, store only 1 Mb at the present time when we are talking of a d’atura it in the year 2029, with $100 you can buy 11 petabytes. Like this You can record every second of his lifetime in Blu-Ray quality, said Marek Rusinkiewicz, Vice President of research of Telcordia. And it is that with the system Autocad, produced by Autodesk in 1982, can make graphic designs in 2D or 3D, according to taste and purpose, as well as any drawing or graphical expression. His own name explicitly points out, because Auto comes from the generating signature of this remarkable technological solution and CAD responds to the English acronym for computer aided design. The jump is systematic, consistent, consistent with the implementation of the new software application that arrive daily to the market, so we find that we are already going in this 2012 by version number 18. And this demands continuous improvement that systems only an institution such as the Knowledge Foundation is able to ensure ready starting of having the ideal cloister by his ability and professionalism, but on the other hand has the necessary infrastructure to face These challenges of today and tomorrow. Some experts believe that in the future there will be so many humans like robots.

In this address Dave Evans, Chief Futurist Cisco has stated that within 25 years, will exceed the robots human population in developed countries. And then said: these machines will be connected to the network. And in the coming decades, the social networks of machines eclipsaran of humans. With a similar stance Marek Rusinkiewicz, research VP, Telcordia has stated: we will have very small robots, which can crawl, climb walls and other things of that nature. Moral: the world that comes will be those who are able to understand and interact with these and other innovations that today or are able to catch a glimpse of their existence. But who will reach this stage as technological survivors? Only those who have the adequate preparation and the spirit of creation and overcoming make them stay in capacity to overcome these challenges. But without giving the back to the future, simply taking it to realities which today imposes life, becomes delve into those systems of automated design, artistic creation and forms advanced as a technical draftsman in computer you can bid only the course of Autocad in Mendoza for the needs of today and of facing the future, because only the creative and able to adapt to the changes will reach new stages of technological development. If you found this article interesting, share it on your website. You can post it on your blog or send it by mail.

Working Decisions

For Frederico Menna Barreto Of times pra here, incrivelmente, in way to a globalizada economic crisis, we came in coming across with decisions of the Chamber and the Brazilian Senate, referring the labor laws, with the idea to favor the employee and to protect it of abuses supposedly practised by the companies who act in the Brazilian economy. Two classic examples of these decisions are (1) the Binding Abridgement n 04 of the Supreme Federal, referring Court to the taxable income of the additional one of inslaubridade, that leaves of being calculated on the basis of the national minimum wage and passes to be calculated on the basis of the remuneration of the employee and (2) recent decision of the House of representatives that approved the proposal of Constitutional Emendation 231/95 that it aims at reducing the hours of working of 44 for 40 weekly hours beyond increasing additional of overtime for 75% on the value/hour received for the employed. First, it fulfills to clarify, despite briefly, some concepts of the accounting in order to become to understand posterior referring analysis to the impact of these decisions. For the eyes of the accounting, cost is all the expense consumed efficiently in the production of good and/or services. Expenditure, on the other hand, is the expense expended indirectly in the production of good and/or services. As cost example, the remuneration of the employee of industry that works directly in the production of the good, either in the assembly, the manufacture, etc. can be cited Already the expenditure, can be considered the remuneration of the industry worker as the operator, the faxineira, that is, those employees who do not operate directly in the production of the industrialized good. For the formation of price of sales of a product or a service, the company works with a value capable to cover the cost and that still she can provide a result desired for the company.

Philosophy And Environment

The fraternity idea is the part-key for the full configuration of the citizenship between the men, therefore, as a matter of principle, all the men are equal, at least would have to be. Of a certain form, the fraternity is dependent of the freedom and of the equality, therefore, so that each one effectively if reveals is necessary that excessively they are valid. The fraternity is express in the first article of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man who affirms that ' ' all the men are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and must act ones stops with the others in spirit of fraternidade' '. Marked for revision due the practical inconsistencies and historical examples passed and contemporaries of trustworthiness doubtful, the feminine substantive ' ' fraternidade' ' it is a concept of the critical and rational inquiry of the basic principles related to the world and the man, on to the ideas of autonomy and espontaneidade and the shunting line inexistence or incongruncias, under determined point of sight, between two or more comparative elements. In the practical one, the fraternity has been frequent confused for the bad common citizen, the bad governor and the bad enterprise manager with the expression ' ' caridade' ' , that express a feeling or an altruistic action to help the next one without searching any type of rewards; the expression ' ' solidariedade' ' , that express a feeling or union of simpatias, interests or intentions between the members of determined group, even so these words have radically different meanings. While the express fraternity the dignity of all the considered men equal and assures full social rights, individual politicians to them and, the charity idea creates abissal inaquality still more, in the measure where it makes to believe that some of them possess right more and are superior and therefore ' ' generosos' ' when they share some ' ' migalhas' ' with excessively. Unhappyly nor all or few are endowed with reason and express conscience as in the first article of the Universal Declaration of Rights of the Man, even so of all the freedoms most inviolable are to think.

The Supercomputer

Also this supercomputer make to think could me or to feel that I am now writing these lines on the impossibility to be a brain in a Cuba. It is clearly that the problem of the relation mind-world treated in this text is not a problem of easy resolution, because, by the way, she is not this the proposal, however this is the object of primordial study of the philosophy of the mind and to think a brain about a dissociado Cuba of a body is with certainty a theory that creates more difficulties of what the proper one disciplines if considers to decide. Still to this it could add the fact of that it was not only my brain that was in Cuba and yes this was a collective hallucination and that we would really be in a tank, better saying, only the brains without bodies receiving stimulatons from a supercomputer. as if this were of little account thing to take the idea to the extremity to infer that we are not only a brain in a Cuba as all the sencientes beings that our brains know as existing they were fruits also of electric stimulatons produced by the supercomputer. It would be as to affirm that it does not exist beyond what my mind obtains to conceive, in other words, it only has existence what to think me to the supercomputer or to feel that exists. But it remains to ask, as Putnam, if in the case of that this was really truth, that we are a brain in a Cuba, would be possible that now we would be reflecting on the fact of that we are a brain in a Cuba? Putnam approaches its problem for the bias of a relation mind-world and for the fact of the brains in a Cuba to be unprovided of bodies, is clearly that of guarded form it has the idea of the relation mind-body.